Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm a Karmi

I recently became involved with the sweetest yoga studio in the neighborhood- Shambhala Yoga & Dance center. I am doing a work-study with them through their Karmi program.  On Saturdays, I work the front desk checking in students and do some cleaning to maintain the studio in exchange for free yoga classes.  I also will help with the wee garden and perhaps some other projects.  (I'm looking to head up a yoga study group/share there- more to come as that develops) This is great for me not only because of the financial incentive, but it also gives me the chance to experience how a yoga studio functions from a different perspective.  I also have met several new friends that live in my neighborhood and share my passion for yoga. Because I am there on Saturdays,  I check in not only a couple of yoga classes, but also a belly dance class and a couple of interesting workshops: Journey Dance and Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox.  So I have been able to chat with the teachers of these classes and get to know them a tiny bit and get a very generalized feel for what a class with them might be like.  Of course, it's not the same as taking a class with them, but I believe that a lot of what makes a good yoga teacher, or any teacher for that matter, is their personality and how the teacher and student relate to one another, so it's a nice introduction. It's really a great set-up!
Shambhala, like many other yoga studios, uses the MindBody software program for scheduling classes and workshops.  I am getting familiar with this program, which is relatively simple to use but still offers challenges to me occasionally.  The more adept I can become with using this program, the better.  I currently have no desire to open up my own yoga studio, but, should I wish to manage one some day, it would be beneficial for me to master MindBody.
They also use a program called ScheduleFly, which I bet is actually more popular in the commercial world than I realize. I wish we had this program when I was waiting tables at Hyde Park Bar and Grill in Austin and needed to get shifts covered.  It's kind of like a community calendar/post board and seems like a good way for employees (or karmis) to deal with their own scheduling needs and maintain responsibility instead of dumping it on the studio manager.  In theory, people trade shifts and help each other out all at a click of the mouse.
Thankfully, this is not a job where I just sit at a desk on the computer all day.  I do this for a portion of the time, but I'm able to be up and about for a good part of my shift as well.  I enjoy cleaning and caring for the space, it feels like a second home to me.  Stay tuned as I may become involved with a special project or two- and I will post about that for sure.
I am very happy to be a new part of the Shambhala family and look forward to sharing more in the years to come!

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